Breaking Bread | Brewing a Norwegian Farmhouse ale in the Arctic | The Craft Beer Channel
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Brewing a Norwegian Farmhouse ale in the Arctic | The Craft Beer Channel

Jonny and Brad from The Craft Brew Channel journey to a Norwegian farmhouse way up in the Arctic to brew a traditional Belgian kveik. They are brewing a modern interpretation of what brewers in Norway would have brewed several hundreds of years ago.


About the yeast – Kevin

Kveik is a yeast that ferments in 3 days at 39 degrees to produce a high gravity beer. In about 3 days, the yeast is able to produce a ready-to-drink ale. The duo, assisted by a specialist brewmaster went on to infuse the water with juniper giving the ale a darker colour. Juniper is also known to have antibacterial effects. To add the finishing, the beer was named ‘Earthkveik’, a signature war cry that would have aptly been used back in the day.

A fun fact : There was a time in Norway when your farmhouse could be taken away if you didn’t brew three years in a row.