Breaking Bread | Mexico a la Carte: Alux a culinary experience on ancestral grounds
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Mexico a la Carte: Alux a culinary experience on ancestral grounds

This time a la Carte goes to Playa del Carmen, a vibrant city located near from Puerto Morelos only 45 minutes from the city of Cancun. In this occasion we went deep into the ground to find one of the most spectacular restaurants that exist in Quintana Roo state. “Alux” Restaurant, Bar and Lounge arises within the depths of a cavern.


The restaurant’s interiors have metamorphosed for thousands of years to make the gorgeous scene of countless stalactites and flowstones. Awe your senses as we show you the dish of our refined Mexican and International cuisine. The mystic energy of the ancient Mayans is felt everywhere in this “cenote” or natural fissure. “Alux” is more than a restaurant; it is an extraordinary experience. So whoever visit the place can enjoy a delicious food and at the same time live an uniquel experience.