Breaking Bread | 10 unusual restaurants, bars & cafes with weird interior or menus
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10 unusual restaurants, bars & cafes with weird interior or menus

Analyzing dining options is an integral part of every trip or vacation – if we choose to travel or visit unknown before places, then we should not only learn regional customs and visit places of interest but also satisfy our hunger by visiting a nice restaurant. But nowadays the variety of restaurants in every tourist destination or just a large city is so exuberant that sometimes it’s hard to pick the right place. This is why restaurant, café and bar managers build a strategy of attracting their potential clients. Adding a unique feature is a vital part of every strategy. Such feature may be revealed in the restaurant’s interior/exterior design, exotic menu or one of a kind location.


We tried to find the most unusual, awesome or even weird places around the globe to hit off your vacation.


From our video presentation you will be able to learn about such restaurants:

– Dinner in the Sky – futuristic concept of dining on a platform suspended 160 ft above the ground;

– Ice Lounge (Chillout) in Dubai is the only ice bar, where you can rest from scorching sun;

– “Hajime” in Bangkok is one of the first restaurants, where the waiters were replaced by a cute robot in a samurai costume;

– El Diablo in Spain is located in the region of volcanic activity, so the dishes are being prepared on a live volcano grill;

– Grotta Palazzese is an Italian volcano with an extreme interior, which is carved from the cliff face’s limestone;

– by the Labassin Dam in the Philippines there is a Waterfall Restaurant with an awesome lunch menu;

– the Bedford in Chicago is set in a reclaimed bank, where luxury bank infrastructure can been turned into nice places for dining;

– Snow Restaurant in Finland is made from actual snow and is rebuilt every year (with new design);

– Rollercoaster Restaurant is a quickly growing concept – there are no waiters, visitors order via an electronic menu and the food just rolls down.